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atimholtIs the server on a snapshot? There’s some new bug on the server right now, where a nether-portal places you *near* the correct portal, but not actually at it, to a potentially dangerous location. TheZantid’s portal pair takes you into solid wall, overworld-ward, and over the lava ocean, netherward.
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pwnedalive   I learnt about this the hard way :(
ocdude07   It's the new portal behavior in 1.8.
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AarronMC   <3
vanasten1Hey, dunno if anyone remembers me, i palyed for a short time before "rage quitting"(long story short i lost all my enchanted gear to a wither). But now im back, and i have a few questions.

1.) Does the new map save the persons inventory from previous maps?
2.) Does it currently still have any form of anti griefing protection?
3.) (might be a dumb question) What happened to the old map?
if anyone could answer this that would be great! thx,
vanasten1   the little wooden shack i made was abandones, unless your referring to my stone tower i made far from spawn lol. Anyway, just curious, how often does the map reset?
atimholt   There are torrents for all the old maps. The forums seem to be down right now, otherwise I’d find the link.
hitsua   it usually gets reset every major content patch, so like once a year?
SaxpenguinI just wanted some sandstone :(
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DeathCrazzyalright my new pc has been finished and is now up and running and ill be able to get back on to minecraft towmorrow just got to remember how to register the server again
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DeathCrazzywell guys im gonna be offline today cuz im now after this post im going to start building my new gaming PC :sick:
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HUAAAANGCareful in the nether, pigmen won't stop being angry at me regardless of how far I run. I wonder if this is update related.
Project officially on hold pursuant to resolution... =/
ssinclairHas anyone else noticed when using nether portals, that when you come out, you're placed on a block adjacent to the portal, rather than in the portal? What's up with that?
ocdude07   It was a change that was made to the way portals work that I think got reverted in 1.8.1pre1: [link]
ssinclair   I hope they fix it. I lost a bunch of stuff last night when I went through a portal, was placed on a block below the one on the other side, which happened to be directly above a giant lava lake.
Vandic   I don't understand though how portals have been fine since September (when we started the new map) and then all of a sudden just since Friday this has been happening. Did the server get updated or something? I checked F3 and we're still playing 1.8. :sick:
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