hitsua and CaptainEricL   donated a total of £20.00 to New Beginnings Minecraft
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hitsua   Just matching Erics donation
ReaperOfDispair   needs a ban and a roll back on spawn
ReaperOfDispair   UPDATE: he has killed me a 3rd time and i now no longer have my stuff.. the things i lost were
-enchanted dia sword, x2 pick, 1 axe, 1 shovel, enchanted elytra, dia armor, 50 lvls, 24 diam, and a bunch of potato...
Bulevine   Trying... my game is bugged and I cant log in
ReaperOfDispairALSO on a higher note... Brenzik killed me just as i won the lottery on popcorns machine and took have of my belongings.... he has griefed and stolen and killed me.... now im missing half my stuff and all my exp... ban and rollback please
Bulevine   Banned and rolled back. His brother Brenzi is still on the server. We will need to keep an eye on his actions
Bulevine   Im not sure Ill be able to get your stuff back. May need Admin for that. I think I got your diamonds back tho. Brenzi had 24 in a chest of his. I assume he got them from his brother, who got them from you.
hitsua   I will deal with it when I am off work.
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EsthusJust checking some chests and found a transaction that seems quite fishy at (x-130/y96/z490) I hope this is legit, but it doesn't look to be.
hitsua   Banned and rolled back.
popcornlover21This server has been a great expirience. Everyone here is awesome and friendly. But, my old server has started up again. I will give away all my property and items (see the post below). The deed and instructions for maintaining the property are inside my lottery machine. To win, just go to #6 traders row and drop some diamonds into the lottery machine (the winner will recieve the diamonds back). I will escort the winner to my main property upon request. If I ever do return to the server (unlikely), I will ask for the property back. The lottery has already begun! ;D
popcornlover21   Unfortunately, my flying machine is out of order because someone pressed the start button and broke the machine >_> The winner will have to walk to the main property.
ReaperOfDispair   soooo it turns out i am the winner.... thank you popcorn! i will treat it well
ocdude   That's unfortunate, but if Reaper gets your stuff, I guess we're neighbors now.
popcornlover21   created a new thread Popcorn's Property in the Minecraft Projects forum
Godfrey9Will there be a new map with the update? I really don't know whats is this update so not sure what to expect.
Grinn   No. Hitsua responded to an earlier post saying it wasn't.
hitsua   In case you don't want to scroll and confirm, there will be no map reset.
Godfrey9   Yeah, scrolling is hard. :)
ReaperOfDispairthis is something i made years ago when i was goin to start my own production company in highschool... i can maybe make something for the NBMC Server?
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ReaperOfDispair   Yeah I could do a banner or something along those lines
hitsua   We do need a new one for 1.10. I would love to see what you come up with.
ReaperOfDispair   ill see what i can do, just gotta get the program lol
HarmonityLove the new announcement section.
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Harmonity   nah
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