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56raptorYes Vraas attacked me at spawn and I lost everything I had and he stated that he hates this site last night.
hitsua   I assumed he hated it because he spent 3 hours griefing it. Probably some salty guy who we banned on another account for not reading the rules that are literally placed directly in front of you when you join.

Can you send me a message in game or on here and tell me what you lost so we can restore your inventory?
hitsua   Also if you look them up, they have 6 bans recorded on MCBans so I'm pretty sure they just enjoy griefing. Love core protect though, just had to type in /co rb Vraas r:#global t:7d , and that rolled him back in about 30 seconds.
ReaperOfDispair   I banned someone with the similar to that yesterday and rolled him back globally
TorqPlayer "Vraas" I suspect is the one that poured lava over everyone's builds in spawn, Currently 10:20 CST on 8/27 and he is currently standing over the lava pool that was poured over the big "Arena/Nether" Temple
hitsua   banned and rolled black
ReaperOfDispair   I rolled back and replaced the signs on the bottom drop with the water and signs
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hitsuaThis nice new plot just opened up near spawn. The requirement for this plot is that you must be a registered [R] member at a minimum (donators/mods are fine too) and have been an registered for at least 2 weeks. This is flexible but I don't want someone to claim it day one and then never login again.

Elliot_Peter, sorry but you have not built it into anything in over 100 days and it wasn't even fully completed. The stuff in your chest was moved and I can tell you in private where it is.
ReaperOfDispair   I'll take It :) thanks, sorry I'm not on but I'm sick :/
hitsua   Reaper has claimed this plot. We are working to free up a few more. If anyone can find an old plot that has not been stocked in some time(use /co i) please reply here and let us know and we will look into it. There is 2 plots currently being investigated for resetting and I am sure we can find more..
Aarron@arzrick While I respect Hitsua decision to ban you temporarily, you didn't lie about stealing and owned up to your mistakes. Thats to me shows character and is the reason the majority of all appeal request I review are declined. I hate it when people lie.
So on the condition that all missing items are returned and an apology is sent to havocpwn I'm going to go ahead an unban you.
Just remember when account sharing in the future, you are responsible for your accounts actions. Acounts are banned, not people.
steph_0909   Alright, thanks Aarron, would it be possible by any means to have a list or a way to see what's missing? I'll work on it this week or during the weekend (I have to restock the store anyways, so i'll just grab a little more of what's necessary)
hitsua   The screenshots I posted was everything I found from the islands.
Jan_Smit   welcome back! :)
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