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steph_0909Hi guys, some of you may haved noticed I placed some netherracks in spawn a couple of days ago, I wanted to see who was still active in some plots and I found out some spots seem completely abandonned. I compiled some numbers here and wanted to know If these plots will eventually be resetted or if we could check if they still play in the server? Not that I want one, but I think newer players will want to get a chance to open a shop or build something nice in town wich could contribute to the community. So i'll leave my results here with the last user that interacted at that spot :

Jujewb (-90/47) = Inactive for 75 days
Bigonewoody (-67/71) = Inactive for 75 days
AarronMe (28/3) = Inactive for 75 days
Kendelamaize (-70/90) = Inactive for 70 days
Kendelamaize (30/-68) = Inactive for 65 days
Bearsbibe (32/92) = Inactive for 65 days
Beniamin (-44/49) = Inactive for 62 days
Jeffsl (4/91) = Inactive for 62 days
havocpwn (-90/-64) = Inactive for 62 days
Gaggler/Mothra (-19/49) = Inactive for 50 days
Beamz (27/97) = Inactive for 50 days

Grinn   Some of these people are still "active" in the sense they log on but do not interact with their plots on a regular basis. Others have indeed not logged on in that time frame i'm sure. But to make a claim like this first you should go off of a /seen report for those people (ask a mod) and then see what the guidelines are for inactivity to reset a plot. I believe this is handled by Olivia. Correct me if i'm wrong Mods.
GrinnSPLEEF update:
Thursday was unfortunately a fail but I didn't expect it to go smoothly. Sunday, however, was a success in my mind as we had 4 participants. Popcorn, Cookie, Bored Teen, & eventually Ocdude. First we had a series of 1v1 with Bored, Pop, and Cookie with Cookie coming out on top. It wasn't a structured tourney but it worked out.
Then we had a 2v2 that ended in an unexpected tie! We did a sudden death to determine a winner and the round was intense! In the end Cookie/Bored won over Pop/Ocdude. Congratz again!
Ocdude recorded the 2v2 and will hopefully have a video up soon. Looking for more participants!

Dates and times below (can be adjusted, Please Comment) all times are in US EDT (UTC/GMT-4)

Thurs May 26 8-11 PM
Thurs June 2 8-11 PM
Thurs June 9 8-11 PM
Sunday June 12 8-11 PM
Final Rules and Details can be found under my new thread named "Final Spleef Game Decisions" in the Competitions forum (UPDATED 5-23-16).
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Jonnyboy_647You can figure who has Elytra based on if a build is super tall or has a giant "T" perch. :p
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luigi_luis2002I'm confused steph_0909 put netherrack all over spawn, is he griefing or something else? I'm really confused he did it with most of the plots near spawn...
luigi_luis2002   1 block of netherrack light on fire..
Bulevine   He's going to remove them. It was a "prank" and an attempt to see who still visited their shop. I think he wants a plot or something from someone who might not be active. Let me know if theyre still there within a day or if it happens again.
magic_is_might   I saw it in my shop before and was wondering wtf it was. I just left it though. There are plenty of shop spots in traders row (?) without having to be "sneaky" and mark people's plots.
ocdudeThis is what happens when you're the only one online.
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steph_0909   created a new thread I was griefed in the Need Help? Ask here! forum
twodollarsWhhhhyyy :(
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Thandruin   cuz u bad
ocdude and Romec   donated a total of £25.00 to New Beginnings Minecraft
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ReaperOfDispairep 6
New Beginnings EP 6: Never Forgotton
today we continue work on a special project Twitch: https://...
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ReaperOfDispairep 5
New Beginnings EP 5 : Something Special
today we work on a new special project
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