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AarronMCToday I Will be updating the server to the newest Spigot version and reconfiguring/updating plugins. We'll be back to normal soon.
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Jonnyboy_647Also... DO NOT USE THE NETHER PORTALS... there's some bullcrp going on with them where you spawn UNDER or AROUND them, causing you to suffocate and fall through the floor

I don' know if anyone else has these problems, but use the portals at your own risk
Harmonity   [link]
Jonnyboy_647Permission to make a world map
magic_is_mightSpigot 1.8 will be released in 24 hours. It's supposed to work with almost 100% of all Bukkit plugins. Will we be using this?
AarronMC   We will be updating in a couple of patches time probably. Give then time to iron out the kinks.
Down_2_Gibbo   woot, looks like ill be comming back to the game!
BarryWise57   HIP HIP!! HOORAY!
COLORS123Hey I cannot join server, says I am not "White Listed?"
trillion   [link]

go there, put down yer name. aarron will add you soon :sick:
YukiMoogleJust a question, what plugins are we waiting for? and any word on their progress?
Devavres   Basically it's a moot point. Bukkit cannot be updated until this case is settled, but at the same time most of the Bukkit development team has resigned.

The current forerunner for Bukkit's replacement is "Sponge", though there no ETA for an initial release.
Harmonity   Divorces suck :(
CTheRake   Don't remind me
TisAzlooaarron is a loser lolz
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BarryWise57   does he hate me too? >.> Cum back
ansekh   cum back or is it come back
hehe cum
hitsua   get rekt m8
AarronMC   added 30 Advanced days to New Beginnings Minecraft
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AarronMC   Wow, whos this guy almost forgetting to pay for shit like a boss.
hitsua   you did forget to pay
ansekhis it just me or is there still a boatload of lag on the server?
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Harmonity   It's you. No one likes you.
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