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CrusaderpNew map GO!
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Crusaderp   Fuck the plugins. White list all active forum users.
raggedclawsOH HEY GUYS WHAT'S UP?
Doc_SuicideDay two of the fappening. I've yet to see another soul. This is truly the end of days.
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kaharz   I'll be on some. I was on vacation and busy with work before that. It could be a while before bukkit is updated, so I will still be playing.
LogicQuality   Pretty sure the bukkit update is already out. Dinnerbone started updating it a long time ago, at least.
LogicQuality   [link]
trillion**trillion nudes leaked** [link]
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Doc_Suicide   Through the whole fappening, this is what I was waiting for.
juam   Thanks
trillionoh those quiet days before the reset.
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Crusaderp   Can we backup the map and all be given unlimited TNT so we can at least go out with a boom?
DoctorJesus   I vote we all use my land for a giant pvp comp before reset, complete destruction. I'd even make huts with beds and chests for respawn points
Vandic   Olivia, when is the final decision on map reset vs. non-map reset?
mikestrickerFortune days!

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NarnianCreeperDon't know if anyone has seen this yet, but I thought I'd share cause it super cool, can't wait!
Minecraft 1.8: Banners & Flags Showcase & Tutorial
Minecraft Tutorials Playlist ►
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CTheRake   HI NARN
oliviaoliviason   HI RAKE
NarnianCreeper   ^^
juamI love you guys
Doc_Suicide   I've fucking been here! The rumors of my death have been highly exaggerated.
juam   Liar
ThomasHodgyHow come my name is "ThomasHodgy" and not my actual in game-name...? How do I change this lol
ThomasHodgy   Thats the thing though, I put GeneralChowder for everything. I don't even know where this came from lol...
NarnianCreeper   I blame Barry, and Aarron
BarryWise57   I take full responsibility for this. i AM ThomasHodgy
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