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Down_2_GibboFeel free to add me on Skype. My Skype name is down_2_gibbo
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Taylolthexelol   I'm totally down to Skype sometime.
hitsua   austin.t.wolff
hitsuajust going for a train ride whatever
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legojakeers   registered to New Beginnings Minecraft
hitsua   donated £35.00 to New Beginnings Minecraft.
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hitsua   you would be disgusted to know how much money i have thrown at this server
Moist_Cabbage   i'd be disgusted to know how you treat it like a prostitute. :sick:
kaharz   Took you long enough, unfortunately my services are much more expensive than that.
Down_2_GibboVan. That mineshaft that you mind out on ur 1st episode for YouTube. It was already claimed by myself and God. That's why the bottom of the ravine had shit mined out and a random obs block. Due to my injury I was in able to finish it. I recently found it and was wondering what the fk happened
Vandic   Ack! I had no idea. I'm really sorry... let me know if you guys want stuff... I am willing to give you whatever you think will make it right!
HarmonityStory telling, ah.
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hitsua   you are leaving out a lot of the story
Moist_Cabbage   i just assumed he was spawned during the big bang in a vat of goo then slithered out just to piss me off.
TaylolthexelolOh my, such new. Howdy all.
hitsua   what was that beemo
CaptainParadoxx   registered to New Beginnings Minecraft
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LaM4ngo   registered to New Beginnings Minecraft
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mikestrickerI found something!!!!
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Moist_Cabbage   ew
mikestricker   [link]
mikestricker   The memories ^-^
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