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DigMyMineI hope someone likes a lot of beautiful flowers this spring!
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oliviaoliviason   awwwwww :d [link]
oliviaoliviason   Thanks Dig, it's beautiful!!
Jonnyboy_647   Flowers? Impossible! It snowed for me last night and is 31F today!
Down_2_GibboThis is why we love you Harm :p
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hitsua   i am totally a chick
plarby   I'm a plarby.
ocdude07Last night's shenanigans
Barry and Hitsua light things on fire on the new beginnings ...
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CTheRake   who taught you to walk up stairs?
BarryWise57   WOOOOO \o/
ocdude07   I have very limited success with stairs when they are only one block wide for whatever reason.
Down_2_Gibboso. I have no more projects. Does anyone have a town I can move in to help out with? Im In one right now but no one is active in it
ObscuristSo I finally got around to ordering the parts to my new gaming rig. It should be here tomorrow-ish, so I will see you all soon!
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Obscurist   I promise I won't break the economy this time around :3
Harmonity   There isn't one. Thanks to you.
hitsua   bout fuckin time
hitsuacome back to me jeff
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magic_is_might   bb come back
CTheRake   oooooooooooo
BronstonH   created a new thread Ban appeal in the Survival Discussion forum
Unholy   joined New Beginnings Minecraft
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COLORS123Hey if anyone can tell me how to get mods on for Minecraft in terms for dummies please help, there is a cool Fallout 3 mod I want to get but have no clue how to get them downloaded and working. (This is Colors123 in case my Xbox live name shows).
COLORS123   A weapons mod (SDK gun mod) and the Fallout 3 mod that includes texture pack and weapons
COLORS123   Those obviously for offline playing and then I want the minimap and there is a mod that is like a headlamp or something for cave mining so you dont need torches?
COLORS123   I tried to use the weapons mod on MagicLauncher and now minecraft just crashes when i try to start it lol. I watched youtube vid on how to do it but i guess somehow i screwed it up
TmacBI guess I'm whats hot on the forums at the moment so I guess I'll make a post. Hi
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hitsua   who told you that
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