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Lordkurst001Hey all! I hope you know I miss you guys and I hope to rejoin soon XOXOXOXO
007700887   Merry christmas s m7
atimholtHOLY CRAP, I CAN SEE FOR MILES! Don’t know what I was doing wrong before, but after my fresh, totally unmodded reinstall, I was able to double my draw distance (at 21 chunks now!) and still get ~45fps. Was actually having some real bad trouble before my harddrive crash.

There’s a few things it could have been: optifine (somehow), allocating more memory for Minecraft than the default (I read recently that this can cause Java to garbage collect too infrequently), the switch from 1.8.1 to 1.8.3.

Also, recent server changes seem to have increased the served draw distance a whole lot. I’ve never seen this far on this map before.
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atimholt   imgur album: [link]
atimholtTiny bit of personal drama the last couple days: my hard drive crashed. For a bit there, I thought I wouldn’t be able to play again for a very long time. I ended up popping open my old 1 TB external hard drive and sticking it into my computer. I’ve lost all my local worlds & stuff, but it’s okay.

I think I’ll go & install Minecraft again right now.
hitsua   sweet deal. bummer about your local worlds. how did it crash? if it wasn't a physical failure then you can probably recover your data.
atimholt   I was actually able to use the old enclosure as a USB hard drive adaptor, and it’s not working so well.
AarronMCHey guys sorry about all the downtime, the host has been having issues on the node we are using. Ive been speaking with their tech team and am now in the process of moving us to a new node which should resolve out connection issues.
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ThomasHodgy   Do we have an ETA on this switch? No rush, just wondering so I can plan stuff =).
AarronMC   the server has now been migrated and should now be functional. Let me know if there are anymore issues.
ssinclair   I'm connected now, and there is significant lag when using the /home and /warp commands. It takes up to 2 minutes for everything to "catch up" after you warp.
AgohonohHi, it's Selurious here. I've transferred accounts and I figured I'd let you guys know.
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SolidNoble   thanks for the heads up, its good to know who everyone is with all the name changes and everything
hitsua   great, another account to ban
Vandic   This will take some time to get use to Sel erm Ago!
Godfrey9So, i am going to take a wild guess and say the host are having problems again? Can not get the map to load.
PHASERStoFABI can't sign on to the server. Is it me or is it you guys? O.O
AarronMC   It looks like the host is having some problems.
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cheezburgr101Phase 1 of Tyros Commons just south of spawn is now open.

Free lots for building shops...the grass areas surrounded by the paths are meant to be divided.
An "example shop" per say is the one i've built.

Expansions coming soon.
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ssinclair   Not really much room there imo. Shops will have to be really small. I know last map there were nearly a couple dozen shops (some active, some not really), and we had ample room to build. I can see there needing to be pretty regular upkeep and attention to make sure that shops are stocked (and owned) by active players. Are there any build rules (height, number of different blocks used, etc)? I like the idea of making it look like an outdoor mall with the benches and stuff, I just it needs scaled up so more people can participate.
cheezburgr101   Hence it being phase 1, more space will be added. But you can build however you want, as high as you want, etc. they don't have to be as small as the shop I built.
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