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GrinnPeople interested in Spleef please see the thread I created "Spleef Tournament Initial Discussion" under competitions. The arena is complete. Need feedback on rules, etc. I would like to have people test out some of the rules this week when I'm on. You get to practice as well!! I should be around Tues - Thurs evening and possibly Sunday.
Need final count on people and rules by the evening time May 9th. Post your interest on the thread.
New Beginnings Minecraft
Read through and please post all related comments by Monday May 9th before 9:30 PM EDT (GMT-4) Hello and welcome to the world of Spleef!! As most of you know I have been working ti...
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Grinn   created a new thread Spleef Tournament Initial Discussion in the Competitions forum
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magic_is_might   If you notice, ngian is already rolled back. With TNT, it shows up as "#tnt removed block", not the actual griefer. So for the other mods, you have to rollback #tnt specifically to fix this... This applies to lava too.
magic_is_might   I fixed all the TNT damage around spawn I could find. Please let me know if I missed anything.
ReaperOfDispairok this is ridiculous, yesterday Flare and myself went to the shop and seen it was broken, i co inspected it and seen it was Ngian... we called him out on it and told him he would have to appeal for his griefing and possible stealing.... today as im bout to go on and stream i find this.... he placed TNT and Lava... and blew my shop up half way to hell.....Perma Ban please
magic_is_might   He griefed my shop yesterday but it was already rolled back by the time I got on. So he's already banned. With TNT and lava, you have to roll that back specifically so it was just missed when he was globally rolled back. Unfortunately I'm at work and can't get on now to fix it.
TheMandagusisSince Minecraft somewhat does not entertain me anymore (sad), i will be lending my account to my girlfriend.

Please annoy the hell out of her :d
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kaharz   Is she single?
Mining_mike   registered to New Beginnings Minecraft
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popcornlover21Agar Hall front side is finished!
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popcornlover21   More pics here [link]
twodollarsI sexually identify as the FitnessGram Pacer Test. Ever since I was a kid I dreamed of being an multi stage aerobic capacity test that progressively get more difficult as it continues. People tell me that a person can´t be a school fitness test but I don´t care, I´m beautiful. Every morning I wake up and tell myself "The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds". My running speed starts slowly but gets faster every minute. In school, every time I hear the bell I think "A single lap should've been completed, and if It isn't completed twice the test is over". From now on I want you guys to call me Fitness Gram and respect my right to run in a straight line and run as long as possible. If you can't accept that I am a aerobic capacity test then you're a testophobe and you need to check your running privelage. Thank you for being so understanding
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magic_is_might   mk
Devavres   [link]
ValkrenIn other news, it's been over 10 minecraft years since Barbos went live (year 106)
Tyrosian Date Calculator
Sunday -> Zunday (Named for Zun, or the sun) Monday -> Lunday (Named for Lun, or the moon) Tuesday -> Aunday (Named for Aun, or the earth) Some of my other projects and tools: List...
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dylansnowPlease keep active with your spawn shops! lots of them have been picked clean! check them out! items have went quick!
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magic_is_might   I kid, I've been restocking it daily the last few days. Yall turds keep buying me out.
Grinn   The arena has been keeping me too busy, ill get around to it.
sin   Back in my day, Survival meant you fend for yourself and didn't buy everything.
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