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Down_2_Gibbooh man. the memmorys.... [link]
New Beginnings Minecraft Server Trailer - Anthos
Community Website: Server IP:...
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Harmonity   memories*
trillion   mammaries*
kaharzSo if you do /home when in lava in the nether and then do /back, you apparently end up on the nether roof.
heatherthedragonCan you register my big sis? her username is: katiebug25 please? thx
Vandic   Heather, mods will tell you to ask her to make an account and to post in the whitelist thread :sick:
AarronMC   added 30 Advanced days to New Beginnings Minecraft
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ssinclair   OHHH GOOD FOR YOU.
bolledebollGreetings all,
Sign of life from my side! How is the server doing lately? It's been to long ago since i've last been online on it!
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raggedclaws   hi
Harmonity   hi
CTheRake   hi
CrusaderpHi, everyone. Shoutout to trillion and deafcrazy, hitsua, and the girl player.
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LogicQuality   One time in 3rd grade I met a girl. Was a pretty absurd experience.
trillion   *lurks harder*
Crusaderp   Oh it was olivia and probably magic.
ssinclairDoes spigot have a warp command, and are we going to re-implement it if it does?
Godfrey9Its my birthday!!!!!!! I'm a young 27 today.
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dsg57   Happy Birthday! :sick:
VandicAarron, could you please check the plugins when you have a moment? They are wonky. Using /back and /home causes unplayable lag and/or forcibly closes the connection. Also the death counters have stopped working. I thought it was just my connection but pwnedalive noticed as well. Thanks!!!
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