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hitsua   donated £20.00 to New Beginnings Minecraft.
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oliviaoliviason   [link]
TessaIs there someone here who have a slimefarm that i can borrow? I will pay :sick:
kaharz   I don't have a farm, although they do sometimes spawn in my tree farm. How many slimeballs do you need? I may be able to sell you enough relatively cheap.
Tessa   I need alot. Let me find out how many, and come back to you? :sick:
Godfrey9New video is up! PLEASE hit that like button and subscribe if your feeling up to it. It helps me out a lot. Have fun watching!
Minecraft :: NBMC Episode 5 :: Hitsua's Castle and New House
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DigMyMine   harbor needs more pumpkins!
hitsua   I liked that one. Mostly because it was mostly my castle, but you are pretty engaging to listen to as well
Godfrey9   Thanks guys. Don't forget to hit the thumbs up on the Youtube page. It helps me a lot. Thanks!
Jonnyboy_647Is it bad that to get to this site I have to type "newb" before my browser auto completes?
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DigMyMine   I have it has my homepage, does that make me a boss?
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DigMyMineExam Week
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XxShamusxXCOMPLETELY forgot about this video. gave me a little laugh.
God my voice. I had such difficulty to talk back then haha.
It kinda gave me the idea to entertain you guys a bit. I know Godfrey is already doing some videos so maybe I could join (if he lets me. pretty please)
I'll maybe join sometimes. Shamus. OUT!
Little prank
Uploaded by MathKasz on 2013-12-29.
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XxShamusxX   Olivia! we should play sometimes when you have the game! :3
DonBinky   omfg i havn't used that skin in forever
007700887   once again, so many memories :(
hitsuaA little something that Uberorb whipped up
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ssinclair   Take out character on the right and it's great.
DigMyMine   I was going to say the same thing
DonBinky   Who's that nobody on the right?
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