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ansekhSo yeah..... err i logged onto the new map today and i found out it was total darkness...... I went standing next to the main map to show whats in the area and a creeper came in and blew me up allong with the map itself.....
i have the items in my inventory. Who can i give it back to to rebuild it?
007700887I am almost certain the lag is from 1.8 being wank
BulevineI maxed my graphics, sprinted, and took a pic as soon as I saw chunks update. I did this away from my underwater home. I then went back home (where I get the worst game play) and lowered every single setting, sprinted, waited for chunk updates, and SS. My machine is still pulling a high framerate, but I only see myself moving every other block. It's that choppy :(

Like I said, I can dish out the cash if that's the issue.. Maybe with this new map we need to reconsider our server host if the price is so high we cant afford more resources.

Either way, (again) this is not a bitch fest. I just want it to work so we can have an enjoyable experience and I'm willing to pull my load to make it happen.
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hitsua   Well if it was the server specifically don't you figure more people than yourself would be having this issue?
TheZantid   The server is fine, well, I say fine but I mean that relatively; the server is running the best it could possibly run under the current 1.8 update. Feeding the server more and more RAM isn't the be all and end all fix that people think it is (nor is it the same with the client: MC Vanilla can, and will, quite happily run client side on just 512mb of ram).

1.8 is just a buggy mess and there are more than just this server that has issues; there have been a bunch of threads on the forums, and Reddit, questioning 1.8 server performance (with a lot of people actually getting better results by running a snapshot server of 1.8-pre3).

From personal experience, I get the odd Java disconnects from the Server but apart from that (and I'm running a far worse machine that Bule and Hitsua) I only really get the odd block lag when lots of people on, and the lag spikes everyone on the server gets at the same time: from time to time.
AarronMC   its really not the server, I recently forked out the extra to get an extra couple of gigs of ram and the servers not using it. We run at about 60% capacity for the ram and around 45% capacity for the CPU.
The problems with the 1.8 server software. Its very poorly optimised.
What we need is for mojang to hurry up and release 1.8.1 and fix some bugs/optimise a little bit.
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BulevineDo we need more money to upgrade the server?? Can we lower the max players allowed from 50 to 25 and get an upgrade? I can put in for the upgrade, but I can't play in this current state. I'm running java 8, 12G RAM, lowest video settings, lowest chunk view.... still get movement lag. I know things changed with 1.8, but other servers are fine, so it's not just the update. If the new MC needs more server resources than the old, thats something to consider, and like I said, I can put a little toward it to make this an enjoyable experience.

I know Aarron puts a lot into this, so don't take this as me bitching and trying to call him out. I just want the facts to be known. Gameplay sucks. I'm willing to contribute to a fix.
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hitsua   Just block lag when there is 10+ people on but it's occasionally. Try turning openGL on/off, saw that fix it for someone before.
Bulevine   I'll post a pic of the test I just ran :/
AarronMC   The max player cap is set by me not the host. We don't rent a 'minecraft server' we rent a VPS running centos that I run Minecraft on, so I have full control over everything.
oliviaoliviasonOne of the the first minecraft videos I've watched that blew my mind and convinced me it's one of the best games ever made.
Minecraft: Breathtaking dreamland- ACID - Shader Mod
I used the GLSL shaders mods:
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oliviaoliviasonIf people are intersted I can upload a crappy low res image of our world map. Just so you have a general idea where all the biomes are.
Aarron is looking into map rendering so we can have something like a dynamic map in the future.
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trillion   i like the mystery. DON'T TEMPT ME!
raggedclaws   I vote yes to an independent Scotland and this.
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New Laser Zaps Mosquitoes in SlowMotion
A new laser system can kill mosquitoes without harming other...
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Doc_Suicide   The link so nice you posted it twice.
trillion   whoops...
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