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xBenJoooWhy did I get banned? I'm kinda confused.
xBenJooo   "The Ban Hammer Has Spoken"
magic_is_might   There is a ticket saying you griefed. I'll look into it more when I have a chance.
magic_is_might   you were banned for, at the least, removing cobblestone walls that surrounded a small base and removing their trees inside of the base... I'd recommend making an appeal post with more info.
DeathCrazzyso apparently the business that was supposed to be done last week with helping my brother in with moving and his house stuff is taking longer than expected so im typing this msg to let ppl know that wishes to ask me anything such as about my statue business/ when i will work on the ones ive been paid to make/ etc will have to either mail me and hope i get on during break or just wait thanks for your patience and consideration
ssinclair   No excuses! Get it done! :p
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CruffMcduffTo aarron

Slightly drunk. But one of my friends grabbed my laptop and tried to unban himslelf. We was banned for stealing. Hope all is well with you.

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CruffMcduff   Fak off nan i can do what i want im 12
Beamz_HD   Sheffield m8 alex
bolledeboll   Typical Cruffo!
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