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hitsuaif we double our donation goal this month I'll post a picture of Harmonity's boobs
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Bulevine boobs your dog/cat/lizard name?
Thandruin   cat-boobs or bust
Harmonity   gofuckyourself
ReaperOfDispairoh sweet jesus! 2 vids in 1 day!!!
New Beginnings EP 8: BIG PROJECT!!
what have we gotten ourselves into.... Twitch: https://www.t...
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sin   any video where my name is mentioned is a great video.
ReaperOfDispair   Thanks lol I try n get as much people in it as possible or mention
ReaperOfDispairA new build!!!
New Beginnings EP 7: SO MANY IDEAS!!!!
Wow... my mind is about to exolode... new project! Twitch: h...
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hitsua   Love it, glad to see someone making videos on the server again
ReaperOfDispair   Thanks hit!, trying to get the word out and do something
Baccabenj   registered to New Beginnings Minecraft
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PlanetNathan   Congrats
PlanetNathan   lol idk
PlanetNathan   created a new thread Teleportation And Currency in the Server Ideas/Requests forum
PlanetNathanAlright, Im very sorry but Icy has left the server forever i guess, i will soon have a book he gave me until xX_Narwhal_Xx gives it back to me, i don't know why he picked me to go to a set of cords and get all of his gear and he also gave me his bace and he gave me a book,
Im sorry.
hitsua   Ok well the story checks out. Icy__ did in fact leave a book stating he was leaving and where his stuff was. From this point on deal with this shit yourselves and please stop bothering me (that goes for all of you) or any other staff about this. I don't care who has that book or where it is.
PlanetNathan   Thank You Hitsua For Clearing that out
PlanetNathan   And Grinn For you know what
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hitsua   donated £10.00 to New Beginnings Minecraft.
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hitsua   [link]
Bulevine   lol
kaharz   It's a whole $0.12USD cheaper per pound now!
fivernineteenSo unicornfeeder12 greifed and then destroyed every item i owned, i attached an album below of the damage.
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.
hitsua   He tried to join again today, using a different name but used the same Enjin account, also he stole more items (enchanted fishing rods and tnt) - side note I allegedly have no proof as if I need any to ban him for already being banned, then joined again from a third account so they are flat out IP banned.
Grinnunicornfeeder12 needs a ban and roll back, stealing, lying about it, pvp/killing, i was going to keep it on the forums but this is getting ridiculous
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hitsua   I'm not going outright ban Riley for that, I am going to wait and see how he plays for a bit. Also who the fuck says "colluding"? I had to look that shit up. Not cool man.
hitsua   Also banned and rolled back unicorn
Grinn   we saficimacated folk say that, and that is fine for Riley, he did steal another player's armor and admitted to it, i believe goldenpineapple but id ask golden about it
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