hitsuaThis nice new plot just opened up near spawn. The requirement for this plot is that you must be a registered [R] member at a minimum (donators/mods are fine too) and have been an registered for at least 2 weeks. This is flexible but I don't want someone to claim it day one and then never login again.

Elliot_Peter, sorry but you have not built it into anything in over 100 days and it wasn't even fully completed. The stuff in your chest was moved and I can tell you in private where it is.
ReaperOfDispair   I'll take It :) thanks, sorry I'm not on but I'm sick :/
hitsua   Reaper has claimed this plot. We are working to free up a few more. If anyone can find an old plot that has not been stocked in some time(use /co i) please reply here and let us know and we will look into it. There is 2 plots currently being investigated for resetting and I am sure we can find more..
Aarron@arzrick While I respect Hitsua decision to ban you temporarily, you didn't lie about stealing and owned up to your mistakes. Thats to me shows character and is the reason the majority of all appeal request I review are declined. I hate it when people lie.
So on the condition that all missing items are returned and an apology is sent to havocpwn I'm going to go ahead an unban you.
Just remember when account sharing in the future, you are responsible for your accounts actions. Acounts are banned, not people.
steph_0909   Alright, thanks Aarron, would it be possible by any means to have a list or a way to see what's missing? I'll work on it this week or during the weekend (I have to restock the store anyways, so i'll just grab a little more of what's necessary)
hitsua   The screenshots I posted was everything I found from the islands.
Jan_Smit   welcome back! :)
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AarronNew Reddit post: [link]
hitsua   Aside from the notes I gave you earlier, Xav pointed out that: Harmonity is a mod now, you made the post say 1.9, not 1.10, and that we have a creative mode for everyone.
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ReaperOfDispairI would like to announce that the LRT line from spawn to the junction, to Duran, then to serenidad way south of the map is 85% complete, with the finishing touches on the spawn station and the rails itself being done in the next day or so, please refrain from using the rail line until I have tested it fully :)
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hitsua   Great job man

My ingame name is CluckerTheMop.

I was banned for griefing , I am sorry I love your server and wish to be unbanned . I promise to not grief again I hope someone reads this and accepts my apology , I am sorry.
hitsua   Aside from which, the minimum age on this server is 16. We often allow younger people to play on this server when they are proven to be mature (aka they don't lead on that they are 12). If you can pull off acting older than 16 without anyone noticing, younger people are allowed. But you are under the age limit as well and have proven yourself immature. I do however believe in 2nd chances, so I will unban you when you turn 16.
BarryWise57   Thank you Hits, that comment made me exhale through my nose with slightly more force
hitsua   I'm glad you are still alive Barry. Try to breath regularly from here on out though, don't wanna cut it close again.
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