kassu321Oh man... where do I begin. I only have good memories from this server and its staff and I am glad that Reaper introduced it to me. It is really a shame that I didn't have time to play it more. So thank you to all of you who made the experience worth remembering.
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kaharzI'm playing on 24 Carrot Craft for now. It is a pretty active (20 to 40+ players) PVE vanilla server. It isn't as friendly as NBMC was, but it the staff are on top of things
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ValkrenIt's sad to see this community go! I haven't been around for a long time, but I did spend a lot of time here. Coming back after three months of inactivity and finding all your diamonds still sitting in a chest in the middle of your base was not a strange thing.

What's going to happen to the website?
kaharzBleh. I was just thinking about playing while I had some time over the holidays and was hoping this didn't happen. I'll miss you all. Even Hitsua
[L] 007700887 :'(
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King HitsuaBuild contest winners will be announced tomorrow! (11/1)
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