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VerdeJayWHERE IS EVERYONE. Btw I changed my name from The_Gaggler to VerdeJay. but srsly, like this server is so dead D:
Thandruin   07:00 UTC+0 on a workday and you wonder why the server's empty? I reckon most people have gone to sleep or just woken up to go to work.
Vandic   Thandruin - 10/10 was sleeping
kaharz   I believe I was attempting to recover a small piece of the blanket from my wife and go back to sleep at that time.
VandicTo everyone:
DO NOT go into the plots in the yellow box in creative. You will be kicked from the server and unable to log back in until staff can TP you away. Please do not go there until further notice unless you want to get pissed off at yourself.
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hitsua   whats in your personal folder
Vandic   ebook websites, tor, and The Guild
AarronMC   should be fixed now
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VandicThis morning ReverseTherapy and I killed a Wither.
Vandic's Adventures Episode 7 - Wither fight!!!
WITHER FIGHT with ReverseTherapy
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kaharz   What was in the mine cart chest?
Vandic   3 bread, 4 pumpkin seeds, and 3 melon seeds
BulevineThat was a lot of certus quartz Aarron...
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Bulevine   You should have seen the xp I had flying around breaking 9 certus at a time with a hammer down that tower. 60+ levels
Bulevine   Also... Aarron, remind me to show you my solar power test. I found a really good power source.... and how to use it
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^cat mean mugging me for stealing the beanbag chair from her. Also included another picture to make up for my horribleness.
Link Description
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hitsua   needs more doc
pitcrew   i mean, it is his cat
VandicFinally made a new video for Vandic's Adventures!
Vandic's Adventures Episode 6
For today's adventure we check out ReverseTherapy's boat tha...
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Taylolthexelol   I support this.
Vandic   Cabbage... I just had a crappy computer when I started this. I now have a much better computer. If I ever get $40 from proceeds from this I'll buy the Bandicam software and get rid of the watermark ;p

*EDIT* - ReverseTherapy informed me of [link]
Moist_Cabbage   I meant as in i never knew you did a series :sick:
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