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AarronMC   Ta <3
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trillionAdmin rollback, aisles 1-100.
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magic_is_might   taken care of
hitsua   "taken care of". i finished what magic did not. on a completely unrelated note, i opened up 3 new tickets trying to close the old one
magic_is_might   Yeah sorry hit. Lots of fire damage. Thought I got most of it
AarronMCLive map has been re-enabled temporarily whilst I monitor the usage to make sure the new server is stable enought to handle it. [link] or use the button above.
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ssinclair   This is all that will load for me. [link]
hitsua   was expecting a picture of a penis
AarronMC   Thats because its rendering.
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AarronMC   Ta bbz <3
Devavres   Would have been more, but my card fucked me over.
BarryWise57   \o/
007700887[link] UPBOATS PLZ
New Beginnings Minecraft [SMP] [PvE]{1.7.9} : mcservers
**Server Name**: New Beginnings Minecraft * **Server Locale**: Amsterdam, Netherlands * **Website**: * **Server Addre...
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trillionvandals, hoodlums, lollygaggers the lot of yeh!
Link Description
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oliviaoliviason   Those are some fancy words for a redneck.
trillion   yeah, but i'm gay so, it evens things out.
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The_GagglerWell this is kind of sad... but unfortunately my summer is basically over and classes start soon... so I won't be online really.. I know most of you wouldn't even care if I stopped breathing, but there is bound to be someone affected by my absence. so here goes, I had a really good time on this server and I have no doubt in my mind that this was the best server I have ever played on.. so thank you to everyone who made it an enjoyable time!
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Vandic   But but but we were just starting to build a damn good laboratory! Good luck with everything!
oliviaoliviason   You will be missed! Hope to see you back some time! Have fun in school!
Shiryxi   I'm more sad that this sounded like a quitting message than a "Cant play cause school" one, but meh might just be me. Good luck, and don't be a meanie to other peeps.
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