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ReaperOfDispairI will also thirdly say I am indeed alive and well, work is stupid and I'm getting over this stupid fluish thing going around, fear not I will be on tonight for a few hours!
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DevavresAll these squares make a circle.
Jonnyboy_647   Welcome to MC, Mr. Popo
hitsuaI am also still alive, too busy with work and playing WoW.
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Aarron   Wow, fag
hitsua   ya but you are just a normal fag
Azrick   WE NEED YOU
fivernineteenhey just letting ya guys know im still alive... again, college has started and ive been busy as hell. so not much time for games at all ):
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AzrickI got griefed in a very.... weird way. 90% of my item frames in shop are gone, some of them are hanging on nothing or are places at weird places (as shown on the picture). It's almost like an admin rolled myself back or I don't know, some item frames are located where my old chestroom was #DafuqHeppened
down 2 gibbolooks like we have a little thief online at the moment
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down 2 gibbo   when i was trying to get him to stop he attacked me so i defended myself and killed him
ReaperOfDispair   I'll try not get on in the net hour or so and deal with it ifor it hasn't already
ReaperOfDispair   banned and rolled back
down 2 gibboThis is why you dont ask me to "light up the area a lil" then go afk... hehehehe [link]
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